Musicians you need to see live in concerts

Musicians you need to see live in concerts

Whether you are a fan of music concerts or not but you must not miss the concerts of few musicians. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the great musicians who are worth spending time and money.

  • The Rolling Stones – They are the iconic English rock band who are present from over fifty years. Their shows are very electrifying and you can’t miss it. They recently wrapped up their show No Filter Tour and have done many tours in past also which got a lot of love and a very huge crowd. They are very dedicated and hard working for their work, which makes them stand out from others.
  • Mary J. Blige – If you want to go on a roller coaster ride of emotions then do attend the concerts of this lady.She has very good lyrics in her music and she sings very nicely which will make you dance also and also make you emotional.

Mary J Blige

  • Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars is the young and most energetic performer. He just captures the stage by his captivating dance moves and leaves the audience dancing like anything. He always has dancers and brass instruments behind him on stage every time he performs. You must spend a little money for his concert.
  • Beyonce – Seeing her perform should be your bucket list. She is a stunner in the stage. She has made movie on how much hard work it takes behind the stage for a concert. She is famous in India also after she performed for Ambani Family in Jaipur. She was paid a lot for her special performance.
  • Justin Timberlake – He performs in group as well as alone also. He makes everyone dance on his lyrics. He is very famous in Hollywood as well as some Indians love him like anything.

justin timberlake

  • Elton John – He is just a legend. He is the most experienced and well known musician, who is always on a tour. With the growing age he is becoming more rocking and energetic. You cannot miss his concerts if you are getting chance.

Musicians are the people who take their work very seriously. You just need to buy tickets and enjoy the moment and dance your way out. We hope this article has given you idea about the top musicians who are worth spending time and money.


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